Resident Evil: A New Resident In My Heart

Resident Evil—the original PlayStation game—came out when I was eight years old (1996). It was hard enough to convince my mother to let me play a T-rated game at the time, so there was no chance in hell I would be playing this game any time soon. I once snuck Turok for the N64 past her viaContinue reading “Resident Evil: A New Resident In My Heart”

The Sinking City Treads Water in a Choppy Sea

When a friend of mine shared the cinematic trailer for Frogwares’ The Sinking City on Facebook sometime in the summer or fall of 2018, I was instantly hooked. The game had a nice, eerie sheen to it, one that Lovecraft flirted with often but attained only sometimes (in my experience; I’ve only read about half of hisContinue reading “The Sinking City Treads Water in a Choppy Sea”

Medical Binge: A look at healthcare through the lens of the streaming industry

This article is a bit out of left (pun mostly intended) field compared with the others on this site, but as I said early on, I’m playing fast and loose with the whole “this is a review site” rule structure. Really, this is an outlet for my writing, but now I’m just getting sidetracked. IContinue reading “Medical Binge: A look at healthcare through the lens of the streaming industry”

Red Dead Redemptions

At the start of this whole quarantine business, my wife was eagerly anticipating the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I, too, eagerly waited for Doom Eternal. March 20, 2020, turned out to be the most perfectly hilarious crossover game release date. I had one problem: My PC specs are too low at present to play the newest iterationContinue reading “Red Dead Redemptions”

Starlink: Battle for Atlas: A Fantastic Game With A Huge Flaw

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is an open-world action-adventure game set in the distant star system of Atlas. In the vaguely distant future, a group of pilots known as the Starlink Initiative travel to Atlas searching for answers about the origins of an alien known as Judge (also a member of Starlink). Once there, things head southContinue reading “Starlink: Battle for Atlas: A Fantastic Game With A Huge Flaw”

A Good Game About The Great War

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a side scrolling puzzle game set during World War I. It follows four main characters—Karl, Emile, Freddie, and Anna— and a dog named Walt as their lives intersect across the Western Front. The comic book art style presents a level of whimsy between the audience and the very somber subjectContinue reading “A Good Game About The Great War”

My Little Life in Stardew Valley: A Review

Seeing Stardew Valley pop up in my suggested games lists over the years, I wasn’t ever sure if I would take the leap and buy it. I found myself regretting one of my last purchases (see my last review about Hello Neighbor) while one of my friends’ comments about this game played through my mind.Continue reading “My Little Life in Stardew Valley: A Review”

The Mysterious Stranger: Who Could It Be at the End of Episode 5 of The Mandalorian?

I came into this thinking I had something figured out, that I was going to prove definitively that I knew something about this shadowy figure from the end of “The Gunslinger.” I set up a hypothesis while watching the rest of the series. I thought it was almost bullet proof, but when I went backContinue reading “The Mysterious Stranger: Who Could It Be at the End of Episode 5 of The Mandalorian?”

It’s A Dismal Day in the Neighborhood: A review of Hello Neighbor

After my last review, I went prowling for sales, hoping to find a new game to play at an affordable price. Enter Hello Neighbor on the Nintendo Switch eStore! I had wanted to play this game since my first encounter with its promotional images a couple years ago. It presented a quaint, cartoony aesthetic butContinue reading “It’s A Dismal Day in the Neighborhood: A review of Hello Neighbor”