Potentially Big News

I have something in the works that I don’t want to say too much about yet, but I may be getting an advance copy of a brand new game to review! This will be the least belated of any of my reviews, but that’s in keeping with my fast-and-loose rules style. Thanks to all ofContinue reading “Potentially Big News”

Medical Binge: A look at healthcare through the lens of the streaming industry

This article is a bit out of left (pun mostly intended) field compared with the others on this site, but as I said early on, I’m playing fast and loose with the whole “this is a review site” rule structure. Really, this is an outlet for my writing, but now I’m just getting sidetracked. IContinue reading “Medical Binge: A look at healthcare through the lens of the streaming industry”

Red Dead Redemptions

At the start of this whole quarantine business, my wife was eagerly anticipating the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I, too, eagerly waited for Doom Eternal. March 20, 2020, turned out to be the most perfectly hilarious crossover game release date. I had one problem: My PC specs are too low at present to play the newest iterationContinue reading “Red Dead Redemptions”